Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raven Cliff Falls Loop

Early this spring, I lead a hike on the Raven Cliff Falls Loop for the Foothills Outdoors Group. We started out on the Raven Cliff Falls Trail. We went to the overlook and viewed the 400' waterfall from there, then backtracked a short distance and began our desent into the bottom of the valley on the Dismal Trail.

When The Dismal Trail intersected with the Natraland Trust Trail, we turned right where in a short distance we had to cross Mathews Creek by way of this Cable Crossing. Making our way up the trail, we were greeted by the Cathedral. A shear rock wall that towers over 100' above the trail.

A little further up the trail we finally come to the cable Suspinsion bridge that spans over Raven Cliff Falls.

From there we hiked on until we come to the Gum Gap trail where we turned right again. When we intersected back with the Raven Cliff Falls Trail, we turned left and headed back to the parking lot.

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