Monday, January 4, 2010

What a way to start 2010

I always like to start the New Year off doing something fun like scuba diving, kayaking, or hiking a nice trail somewhere. This New Years Day I revisited Moonshine Falls. The last time I was there, the Upstate of South Carolina was in a drought and the water flow over the fall was down to a trickle. This past year we had plenty of rain so I wanted to see the waterfall in full flow.
To get to Moonshine Falls you have to enter into the Asbury Camp on 276 just North of where 276 and Highway 8 come together. Asbury Camp is on private property so please look it up and call for permission to enter before you go up.
The trail in not particularly difficult, but there is a cable crossing on the trail that small children and people with a fear of heights may have a problem with although the foot cable is only about 4~5 above Mathews Creek. There is a picture of it on an earlier post on this site. Also, be aware that stepping from stone to stone to cross the creek here is not an option so dogs will have to swim across and the current can be pretty strong.
You can usually pick up a map in an info tube near the trail head. The trail is not hard to follow, but there is one point where the trail looks like it goes off to the right after you are on the Natureland Trust Trail for a bit. Someone has marked this trail with a pile of rocks. This would not be a problem except the trail map you pick up and all trail descriptions tell you to turn right at the pile of rocks on the side of the trail. If you turned at this pile of rocks you would follow a trail that dead ends in about a quarter mile. So just in case, to avoid confusion, look for the pile of rocks that you will find after you have walked up a long grade in what almost looks like a ditch or gully of sorts. There will be a kiosk on the right about 50 yards telling you this where people get into trouble getting off the trail. if you see that, you will know you are on the right trail.

When you come to the next pile of rocks the bigger trail you have been walking on keeps going straight and there will be a smaller trail to the right on top of a ridge that you will take to the fall. In about two hundred feet you will see signs where people have gone done the bank to the falls that you can hear and barely see through the trees at this point. Please use caution going down this steep bank as the leaves can be quite slippery.

From one of the pictures above you will see there are remnants of the old moonshine still that used to be there under the waterfall.

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