Sunday, December 6, 2009

Every once in a while you come across a trail you don't want to let anyone else know about because you want to keep it all to your self. Rainbow Falls in Jones Gap State Park is one of those trails. This trail was closed a few years ago for maintenance and what they did to this trail is amazing. There was a fire here in late February of 2009 and some signs of the fire still remain today, but other than the few charred trees you see along the way the trail is still in fantastic shape.

you start out at Jones Gap State Park and head upstream along side the Middle Saluda River. in about a half mile the Jones Gap
Trail will continue straight(okay, slightly left) and the Rainbow Falls Trail will fork to the left and cross over the Middle Saluda River. You will walk along close to or cross the Cox Camp Creek several times as you work your up to Rainbow Falls. The trail takes you through some neat features like you see at t he left here and in the winter when the leaves are down you will be treated to some great views looking back down into the Jones Gap valley .

I was here once during the drought on 2008 and the water in the fall was reduced to a mere trickle, but in November of 2009 with all the rain we have been having, the fall was running strong and was magnificent. You can see how this waterfall got its name here. just be aware that there is a waterfall in North Carolina with the same name so if you tell someone you are going to meet them at Rainbow Falls that you tell them which one you are going to.

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