Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Courthouse Falls

In the search for new waterfalls to explorer, I heard about Courthouse Falls from a Park Ranger in the Pisgah Forest near Brevard one day and I was anxious to check it out. To get to Courthouse Falls, take Highway 64 west out of Brevard or 178 north to Rosman then turn left on Highway 64. About 2 miles west of Rosman turn right onto highway 215 at the Head Waters Outfitters. Take 215 for 10 miles and look for a narrow bridge. There is a gravel road on the right (FR 140) just before the bridge. Take the gravel road for three miles.

You will cross several small bridges along the way and climb up one somewhat steep and curvy section. I would not recommend cars with low ground clearance attempt the drive, but I did meet a Mercedes on my way out. Immediately after the fourth bridge there is a wide place on the side of the road...park here and look for the trail head at the corner of the downstream end of the bridge. Walk about seven minutes or so and look for a trail that cuts back down the slope at an angle. You should be able to see the fall through the trees. There are several trails that go straight down the bank, but do not take those.
This trail eventually comes back out on 215 so if you end up back out on the road you know you went way too far. The gravel road goes on up to several smaller falls that I plan to explorer one day.

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