Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve

The trail head for this hike is near the parking lot at the end of Horse Pasture Road and 178 near Rocky Bottom, SC. This is an often over looked hiking location, but it is a great walk in the woods and poses no great challenges or difficulties even for the casual hiker. It's a straight forward in and out hike that is easy to follow. However, even the most serious hiker will find this an enjoyable adventure. The Eastatoe Creek is beautiful and once you make it to the stream, make your way to the right over and around some fallen trees and you will come to where this entire creek rushes into a sleuth no more than two or three feet wide. Where the trail ends at the creek the forest to the left is open and clean and has some great camp sites. Camping here along side the Eastatoe Creek would be a most enjoyable place to spend a weekend doing some trout fishing.

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  1. I just love pictures of brooks and ravines and pools...they're so refreshing to look at. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.