Monday, March 16, 2009

Raven Cliff Falls Loop

Many people only view this cable suspension bridge over Raven Cliff Falls from the overlook that's an easy walk from the parking lot on 276 just north of Caesar's Head State Park. A few more trek down the Gum Gap Trail then turn left onto the Naturaland Trust Trail for a half mile or so to the bridge. For a real challenge, make a full loop hike to the cable suspension bridge, by taking the Raven Cliff Falls Trail to the Dismal Trail down to the Naturaland Trust Trail. Then turn right and make your way up the side of the mountain to the bridge. This section of the Naturaland Trust is very difficult, but loaded with cool extra features like a cable crossing and ladders to climb. A huge rock wall named the Cathedral along the trail make a good resting place before you get to the suspension bridge. Continue over the bridge to the Gum Gap and then to the Raven Cliff Falls Trail to complete the full loop. Like I said this is a difficult hike and a little over seven miles long so know your limitations. There are many places on the Naturaland Trust where the trail is narrow with steep slopes and drop offs on one side where a slip or fall could mean real trouble so if you take kids on this trail make sure you keep them under control.

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  1. This trip across the stream looks like a blast! Wonderful photos....Happy Spring from my garden in the Midwest.