Friday, February 20, 2009

Sometimes I Trade My Hiking Shoes for a Pair Of Fins

I like to vary my outdoor activities so I don't get stuck in a rut doing only one thing. I don't get to scuba dive as much as I would like too, but occasionally I still like to head south for warmer temperatures and clear water.
Once a PADI diving instructor in Anderson, S.C. and in Greenville, S.C., I spent a lot of time under water. The Florida Keys become one of my favorite diving destinations to take personal vacations or to lead shop trips. I also went on several trips diving in Cozumel and the Bahamas. One day I hope to explore the underwater world of Belize and Cancun.


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  2. The underwater world is just fascinating... I'm a mammalian zoologist, but it was the reefs and strange and beautiful things down there that first got me into this subject!